Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crown Swap

I just cannot wait any longer to share with you the crown I made for Claire as a part of Holly's Crown & Tiara Swap we were in. I mailed it a week ago, but haven't heard from her yet as to whether she got it or not. Of course there was the July 4th holiday in between so that may be why it is taking so long. I sure hope it didn't get lost! That would make me very sad. Or maybe she received it and didn't like it at all!!! Oh, no....that would make me even sadder! Well, I am going to think positively - so Claire, if you are reading this post and you haven't received the crown yet and want to be surprised don't look any further. For everyone else, feel free to continue on and have a look.

*Update ~ I just heard from Claire that she did get the crown and loves it! Hooray!!!

Claire told me she likes vintage children's books and retro things, so what could be more fitting that images from a Dick, Jane and Sally school reader? She also told me she liked the colors red and sky blue. Besides the images of the children, the crown is embellished with rick-rack, ball fringe, vintage buttons, crepe paper, seam binding and text from the book. And since this is a Crown and Tiara swap I gave little Sally a gold crown of her own!
I decided to make a tag to go along with the crown when I found this image of Miss America in a book about beauty paegents. Here is the front of the tag:
And this is the back of the tag. The text says, "She desired to see herself be queen for a day." I had a lot of fun working on this swap. I hope Claire likes it......if it ever arrives! I can't wait to see the one she made for me! In the meantime I have been enjoying all the crowns the other participants made here.


Claire said...

I did get it and it is adorable!! My Yahoo account isn't letting me email out right now. It has been a couple of days like that. I hope I don't have to switch emails AGAIN! It is very frustrating!

lindaharre said...

GREAT CROWN! Love the retro feel to it! That is my favorite era and it grabs at my heart! Maybe because I grew up in the era....duh....:D

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Oh, this crown is Wonderful! Very unique :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

that one is just adorable!

Mippie said...

Oh, that crown is making me crazy!!! It's perfect!!! The colors and polka dots and sweet retro feel?!?!?! I love it in such a big, big way!!! xo-Mel

Anonymous said...

Uhm, this is DOWN RIGHT FABULOUS. I am so awed. I LOVE that you put a little tiara on the little girl (sally?). It's just wonderful, one of my favorites in the swap.

Dawn said...


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