Monday, July 30, 2007

It's in the Mail!

I completed my Green Inchies for ArtErraticus last night and mailed them off to Melissa this morning. Putting together fabric inchies is slightly more challenging than making paper ones. But still, they were a lot of fun to make. Once again I had to tell myself enough is enough because even though they are only one-inch square, you'd be surprised at how much you can fit on them once you get started. I made each square with seven layers of fabric in addition to embellishments of tulle, beads, sequins, flower trim and teeny-tiny ball fringe. I can't wait to see what the rest of the gals have created.
While I was working on my green-inches, my daughter made the three inchie creations pictures above using pages from catalogs. I love the colors and what a simple and economical piece of art to hang on the wall of a contemporary home. She has always been "into" squares and has done a series of watercolors consisting on her signature squares that she loves. So when she saw me making my inchies she jumped right in to come up with her own version. I told you, these things are quite addictive. (Thanks for getting us hooked Lia!!!)

Well, I am off to the grocery store now to pick up a few things before the plumber comes this afternoon to unclog our slow draining bathtubs. Hopefully by this time tomorrow things will be flowing freely!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, seven layers! I am in awe... LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones your daughter did, too! What a graphic presentation, and love that is it recycled :) I may not be as far gone as you, but you have definitely pushed me towards the inchie bug *grin*

Lilli in Vancouver said...

They are all so darling. I love that green :)

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

Your inchies look great! I also did the same swap and realizes they were harder to make than anticipated. But they turned out beautiful.

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