Friday, July 06, 2007

Studio Time

This is a little assemblage that I created called, "Nest." I have had this idea in my head for months now and yesterday was finally the day it came to fruition. The quote on the roof is by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard and says, "A house is a nest for dreaming, a shelter for imagining." Don't you love that quote? I used colors similar to the ones we have at the cottage, so I think that is where I will hang it. I made an extra one to put in my Etsy Shop, so if you are interested you can find it there.

I worked in my studio all day yesterday and oh how good it felt to be in there. I must admit I have been having trouble lately finding the time to create. There is always something else that demands my attention and I am not really good at doing "a little art here" and "a little art there." I like to have big blocks of time to work on projects. You see, I have found that I work best when I can start a project and see it all the way through to the end. That is a big problem since it's difficult enough to find enough hours in a day to complete all the routine tasks that need to get done. Typically that doesn't leave much time to spend with my creative muse. And then there is the guilt that comes from taking time away from household and family responsibilities to sit and play. (I am not Catholic, but my friends all say that I would make a good one with the amount of guilt I carry around!) Talk about putting the squelch on creativity! Yikes!

I read somewhere that we all should carve a little time out each day to work on our art. ..even if you do not have a specific inspiration to focus on. Just like with anything, setting up a routine is the first step in accomplishing something. If nothing else, simply creating backrounds in your journal for future use is enough to get the creative juices flowing. This goes along the same lines as Julia Cameron's (The Artist's Way author extrordinare) morning pages. And I must admit when I was working on my Morning Collage journal every day I did feel so much better. It was amazing how I never had trouble coming up with a topic to collage about and I really looked forward to getting up each morning and going to my work table in my PJ's to see what would happen. Also, working on my art first thing in the morning was kind of like what financial experts advise their clients who are having trouble saving money - pay yourself first! By "paying myself first" with a shot of creativity every morning, it really set the tone for the entire day. I was happier and didn't feel as "put upon" by everyone else's wants and needs.

So I think that is the answer for me. Work on something small each morning (perhaps it's time to resurrect the morning collage journal) and if it leads to something bigger, then I will go with it. And if not, then I will still have the satisfaction of having created something each day. Thanks for letting me work that little problem out with you all. If any of you want to share the way you keep your creative juices flowing or any suggestions you have for carving out creative time, please leave them in the comments section of this post.


Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

I love your little NEST assemblage. The cabinet is darling. Its interesting how many people lately have mentioned ideas that have been rattling around in their heads that have finally come to fruition. I think its good that you gave yourself time to work on your art. It helps clear out the mind and soul :)

Jen Kershner said...

How nice that you found some time for creativity. I don't think I will be finding any until school is back in session. I love your Nest creation!

PJ said...

I find this subject very interesting. I know you are not alone in this 'problem'. (I have the sameproblem...although mine is a little more spastic than yours I believe ;) I think I have creative ADHD or something..I've realized I can't have a solid plan (I get blocked or discouraged)when I sit down and NOT think...something wonderful usually happens! Just as in yarn projects the excitement of finding patterns, colors, yarn etc. but then to actually SIT DOWN STILL for hours at a time....too many UFO's result in my world! I'm beginning to realize when I accept this in my world and not 'fight' it- things actually DO get done. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You seemed to touch off something most of us have problems with from time to time. I know I do.

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