Saturday, July 28, 2007

Side-tracked - Part Two

Ok, I think I used this post title not too long ago so I am calling it Part Two - I am certain there will be many future posts dealing with this issue. Today I spent the day finishing up several loose ends around the house. Paying bills, balancing the checkbooks, sorting thru my flip-flop bin, cleaning off my desk, washing all the throw rugs, scrubbing down the bathroom and clearing off the diningroom table which seems to be the catch-all for the entire family. Well during my desk clearing, I found the Bazzill one-inch chipboard squares that Lia send me and I thought they might be good to use for the base of my green fabric inchies that are due on Wednesday for ArtErratica. So I proceeded in covering both sides of of the squares with green patterned paper and setting them aside to dry. Under my inchie supply box, I came across the pile of old magazines that I need to go thru before I toss them. So I started to flip through them and in doing so I discovered some images and words and phrases I can use in my regular inchies. So I cut them out. Then I thought why not just put together a few inchies since I had all the supplies right there. Ok, twenty inchies later I had enough to mount and put in my inchie album so that is what I did. And there they are pictured above. Sorry about it not being very clear. A few of the inchies are 3-dimensional and the scanner didn't like that at all. So after making 20 regular inchies, I still haven't made the 16 green fabric inchies that have a fast-approaching deadline right around the corner. Another example of how easily distracted I can get. Oh and did I mention that my family managed to clog up both bathtubs and of course tomorrow is Sunday and the plumber is going to charge us a fortune to come out to fix them. Hope you all are having more fun this weekend than me!!

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Dede Warren said...

you sound so much like me, one thing leads to another... stacks of magazines to go thru, desks to clear, bills to pay, etc... i think the same ol stuff piles up for us all. love those inchies, but can't image creating in such a small size. i tried to make an ATC once and was baffled at having to make something so small. it's like trying to think Barbie size!

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