Thursday, July 26, 2007

Winter Wishes

Just finishing up on the first part of a round-robin I am doing with Dawn and Mel called Winter Wishes. (Thanks to Dawn for organizing it!) We each are making a book as well as a keepsake box for the album to fit into. We have been busy bees working on the pages in our own books and now it is time to send it on to the next person so they can add their own touches to the books. I know you are saying to yourself, why are these ladies working on a winter wish book in July? I can explain - In order for the books to make the rounds to each other's homes and to give us enough time to work on the pages at a leisurely pace so we can have our books returned back to us in November, Dawn suggested the July start day - smart girl because it's no fun to work on something like this if you have to rush and be all stressed out about it. I put enough stress on myself as it is without having to deal with strict time constraints too. As it is, I already am having doubts about my book and pages feeling as though I should add something more or I should have done something different. I always do that. I am happy as a lark during the creating part, but then when I finish and let it sit for a few days, that is when my self-doubt about these things sets in. Of course checking out the other gals gorgeous "sneek peeks" of their pages posted on Flickr is enough to make anyone have second thoughts about their own work! You can see for yourself by clicking here!

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Anonymous said...

Jeanne, you are so funny...your sneaks are darling and I can't wait to see the whole thing! I do that too, get all excited while I am in the creative process, think "gee, I haven't done anything this cool EVER!" then a day or so goes by and suddenly it's all "pftt, this stuff ain't so hot, what WAS I think?". Horrid little internal critic :(-

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