Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Obsession

Look what I am addicted to....INCHIES!! I discovered these tiny little delights on ArtJunk's blog and it was love at first sight. Each of these little squares is 1"x1" and so much fun to make. Dear Lia has been so sweet to explain how she makes these and give me the details of her "inchie on the go kit" that she put together so she can make these teeny tiny creations wherever she goes. That did it for me ~ I just love the idea of being able to slip a little box into my bag and have everything with me to create art. Love it!!! The photo above shows my first 16 creations and there are more to come. I made these while watching TV the other night. When I cut out my first inchie square I was shocked at just how tiny one square inch actually is and thought how in the world am I going to fit anything on this tiny canvas? But once I got going there was no stopping me. I am so into making these that I signed up for the Green Inchie Swap at ArtErratica where we each have to make 16 fabric inchies in the color green. Besides Lia's fabulous blog, I found this site and this site for more inspiration. Take a peek and you might even get hooked yourself!

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