Monday, September 17, 2007

21 Day Challenge {Day 3}

{Journaling block containing quotation is from Rhonna's Vintage Label Digi Set}

Yay! My migraine is gone, so now I can get back into the world of the living. I am always so amazed at how good my head feels afterwards when it is pain-free. I actually take a few minutes to take it all in to thoroughly appreciate the the feeling. When someone asks me if my headache is gone, I'm almost afraid to answer yes for fear that the pain will return. I have had that happen in the past. . .thinking it was gone only to have it sneak back. Thank you all for your well-wishes. I am sure that helped as well.

Today is Day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge and the first thing I did when I got up in the morning was to go for a ride on the excercise bike. As hard as it is to get myself to exercise, I must admit that I always feel good about myself afterwards. Why can't I focus on how I feel after instead of the dread of doing it? Maybe after these 21 days I will be able to do that.

In addition to the exercise, I am also trying to take time to reminisce about my childhood and the things I enjoyed doing way back then. I have always like art and creating things. And spending time with my friends, especially my friend Nancy who I still get together with today. We would play Barbie's a lot with imaginative story-lines, sell home-made things at a table in front of our homes (instead of having a lemonade stand), dress up in disguises and spy on her older sister and her friends, create elaborate haunted house walks in her basement for Halloween, serve amazing meals of flowers, berries and leaves (we only ate the berries) in her fabulous log cabin play house. We had the most active imaginations and we always agreed on everything. It's funny but I can't remember us ever having even one argument, like girls these days do. We were too busy having fun and being carefree. I think that is something that I don't do as much of as an adult. . .take time to just have fun. I'm always too bogged down with deadlines and "must dos" to take time to just enjoy the present. Adult responsibilities and the seriousness of being a parent have replaced all that fun and spontaneity. Maybe getting back some of that childhood fun will help me choose joy in my life. What kind of fun things did you do as a child?


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I use to "borrow" my little sisters clothes so my best friend and I could use them to play dress up for our dolls. My sister would get so mad. ha ha.
Jeanne, I want to thank you because I found out about the Challenge on your site. It has helped me so much. xoxo nita

PJ said...

So glad your head feels better..sounds like the migrains I get thankfully only 5-6 times a year, but it is amazing when they clear up the feeling afterwards. My Dr. and I found Zomig to help. I love your look of your journal. When I was a child I would do a lot of pretend stuff with my matchboxes/hotwheels outside making smooth dirt roads for them.

Christi said...

Loving your journal so far...beautiful style! smiles...

Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here and wondering why I don't come visit your blog more often. Your stuff is frickin' GORGEOUS Jeanne! Best of luck on your challenge!!!!

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