Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Claudine's on Martha!

Okay, I have my VCR set (I pray that I didn't screw up the start and stop times, like I usually do....better go check it one more time), I have my cinnamon roll ready to warm up, a fresh pot of Hazelnut Creme coffee is brewed and I all my morning chores are done so I can sit and enjoy the Martha Stewart Show. In case you hadn't heard, Claudine is going to be on Martha's show this morning (10 am CST) making her cute little Poppet People shelf sitters. On a whim, Claudine was able to get one of Martha's people to accept a custom collage to give to Martha at a trade show and the rest is history! You just never know when and where your next break will come, so continue to persevere! Edited: Just found out that Martha Stewart was moved to noon here for the new season, so I had to reset the VCR and eat my cinnamon roll! Lunch anyone?


Dawn said...

I am so bummed! Our area just discontinued the Martha show and so - not able to see Claudine's segment.

Dede Warren said...

You crack me up!! That's means I would have had at least two cinnamon rolls!! Hope you watched it. I just tossed out my VCR because I haven't used it in 6 months. Now I hear Kathie Lee is coming on Regis tomorrow. I am not a big fan, but want to see it. But NOOOOOOO I will be walking with a friend and headed to WW. Could you at least pass me a roll?!

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