Sunday, September 16, 2007

21 Day Challenge {Day Two}

I know I am supposed to be choosing joy for the next 21 days, but that's easier said than done with this excruciating migraine I have right now. Of course the headache is keeping me from thinking about anything else right now....including negative thoughts and maybe that is a good thing! I haven't taken anything for it yet, but I have had pretty good success with Excedrine for Migraines. Believe it or not, when I was younger and would get these more often, I was prescribed much stronger migraine medications which never even touched the pain. On a whim, I tried the Excedrine for Migraines when it first came out and was very surprised when it took all the pain away after one dose! I think part of the key is to take something as soon as you feel the pain coming on. I used to be a martyr and put off taking anything, mostly because I didn't want to fill my body with drugs if the headache might just go away on it's own. However, it never did. I can't tell you how long it took me to learn that simple lesson. Well, fortunately, the headache didn't start until after I completed my page for Day 2 of Rhonna's 21 Day Challenge. Glad I didn't procrastinate this time. OK, now I am off to break open a fresh bottle of Excedrine! Happy Sunday to you all!!!


PJ said...

I'm joining!!! My challenge will start monday. I need to get to the site! Mine might be a little different, but different is good :) Yours is looking great so far!

Kari said...

Beautiful page. Sorry to hear about the migrane. No fun:(
Take care, my dear.

Maggie Lamarre said...

luv the book and the subject u have chosen

Christi said...

What a beautiful entry. I hope that your migraine has fled and that you aren't left with any after-effects... smiles!

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